Can You Obey God in Your Finances? 


Can You Obey God in Your Finances? 

The Holy Spirit Reveals Your Heart

When we obey the Holy Spirit, our hearts are exposed, especially regarding money. Greed makes it easy for people to let money control them. Tithing alone doesn’t make you rich, but if you understand what tithing is and believe in God’s command and promise, you will be rich. Even if a person doesn’t understand the principle of tithing but still gives tithes, God will protect them somehow. But God will provide us with material prosperity to the degree that we ask God for wisdom and live righteously according to what we know about His kingdom principles. Matthew says that all these things will be added to us if we seek the kingdom of God first (Mt. 6:33).

Renew Your Mindsets on Wealth

Renewing our minds also means getting rid of traditional religious ideas not based on the Bible. Thoughts like “being poor is a blessing” need to be thrown out. God does not want you to be poor. Being poor in the body is different from being poor in spirit. God always gives us more than we need. No level of provision is better than the one God works on. Because of this truth, we can be kind all the time, not just some of the time or when we’re comfortable. Paul tells us, “And God can bless you in many different ways. So, you will always have everything you need, no matter what. You will keep doing good things (2 Cor. 9:8, emphasis added). Most people need to be freed from false teachings about how poverty is a blessing and such.

“If it’s God’s Will, it’s God’s Bill”

We look as the Old Tewe see that poverty is part of the law’s curse (Deut. 28;15). As long as we obey God, He is happy to give us what we need not only for our own lives but also for His work in the world. The CEO of a company doesn’t expect his managers and workers to pay the company’s bills out of their own money. The owner of the business pays for all costs that the business has. In the same way, God will pay for what we do to advance God’s Kingdom, whether it’s in business or in the church.

We are saved from the curse of the law through Jesus Christ (Gal. 3:13-14). God wants you to be free from the curse of being poor. God’s glory is shown when the children of God who have been saved are happy and successful. When we think about questions about material wealth, it’s important to remember who God is, what He’s like, and what He wants for our lives. When we don’t pray and read the Bible to get to know Jesus Christ on a personal level, it’s easy for our hearts to be unhappy.


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