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Different Seasons

Different seasons are a natural part of life. In nature, they consist of winter, spring, summer, and fall. Each has its pros and cons and its charming characteristics. None is greater than the other because each plays a role in transitioning towards the following season. Nature’s seasons show how things come to be, live out their purpose, and then die and return to the earth. 

Farmology also has seasons that describe the beginning and the end, the ups and downs of a person’s career. These changes of life do not only have to do with one aspect of life but all parts of your human experience. Seasons change when it is time to grow or when it is time for you to realize something different. 

You must be able to accept the changing seasons as they come and know that not all of them will be kind. There will be times of prosperity, growth, and inspiration, but there will also be times of difficulty and confusion. There will be times when opportunities, job offers, and wealth will come knocking at your door, but there will also be times when there is a drought or a lack of excitement in your career. 


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