Cause and Effect

Seed time and harvest applies to the seeds we sow in life. Every decision you make in life has a corresponding effect. It may not always be equal or fair, but it is always related in some way. As a farmer, you want your fertile field to generate good fruit, but you must ask yourself: What kind of seeds have you planted?

Do you grumble about problems but don’t do something about them? Do you aspire to be a millionaire but never take the necessary steps? These are the questions you should be asking yourself. You must first plant excellent seeds in order to receive good things in return.

You Need Patience

Another thing to keep in mind is that harvesting your fruit will not always be fast. You cannot expect to make an investment now and receive a return tomorrow.

It can be discouraging to believe that you’ve put in so much effort and received so little in return. The main point here is to be patient. Seeds might take a long time to germinate. Don’t be concerned about when you’ll be able to harvest them. You may relax knowing that you’ve started to plant them in the appropriate areas. You might discover that your riches arrive when you least expect them.

Assume you had a fantastic product concept. You decide to set up a booth at a forthcoming trade fair, showcase and chat about your idea to a few people, and at the end of the day, you receive positive feedback but no actual buyers or offers. In this case, a positive attitude is to keep going and never give up.

What matters here is that you tried your concept and proved to yourself that you have the drive and ability to create something you are truly pleased of. You should continue to make the new items you believe you can make more of from this point forward. Invest in your abilities and passions, and you will find that when the time comes and you have acquired and mastered all of the necessary aspects for success in that field, you will be able to reap a good harvest.


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