Book of the Month Club

Did you know that the Father loads us daily with benefits? Yes! It is the Father’s desire that you have everything that you need in this life to prosper, to be successful and to be all that He created you to be. As your personal prophet, that is my commitment to you, to be the space of knowledge and wisdom for you.  That is why I created the Book of the Month Club.

Membership in the Book of the Month Club...

Be a B.O.M. Member Today!

·      Alleviates worry at the last minute about POME dues balances. When you register for the Book of the Month your POME dues is covered.

·      Creates an opportunity of connectivity with the prophets and partners of the Zoe Ministries prophetic family.

·      Provides continued prophetic and ministry education.

·      Helps the overall vision of globalizing the prophetic

·      Increases networking opportunities with other Prophecology attendees/POME members

If you have attended Prophecology in the past, but have missed any of the last four conferences, this is your opportunity to get reconnected!

Do not hesitate! Take that step right now and CALL – 888-831-0434. Let the moderator know you are ready to enroll in the Book of the Month Club. You want to be a part of the Master Prophet’s Blessing Plan that keeps on giving! This offer is available for a limited time only, so do not delay. Call now, 888-831-0434, with your credit card in hand and the dates that you want your payments deducted.


Your monthly (twice monthly, weekly or one-time single payment) seed can be applied to an existing pledge (for the exception of the Mastermind pledge).

The Book of the Month Club is also called the Master Prophet's Blessing Plan.

Not only does the Book of the Month Club provide a pathway to knowledge, wisdom, and insight, it also sets you up to be in attendance at Prophecology conferences held during the session of Book of the Month Club.

Just listen to the ARRAY OF BENEFITS that are included when you enroll in the Book of the Month Club…

  • Receive the EXCLUSIVE, NEW monthly writings of the Master Prophet, which are the first works under my new office of Archbishop.
  • (*Note: These books are not on sale to the general public. They are only available through the Book of the Month)
  •  If you are a prophet in the Prophetic Order of Mar Elijah (P.O.M.E.), your Monthly POME Dues are included!
  •  If you are a seeker coming into P.O.M.E., your monthly fee can be applied to your P.O.M.E. pledge!
    • Your Prophecology registration fee as well!
  •  Meals included during the 3 days of the conference!
  •  Your 3-night hotel stay (Friday Night through Sunday night, with Monday checkout) is included!
  • (**Note: This is based on double-occupancy with another Book of the Month Club member. Roommate listing will be available. If you prefer single-room OCCUPANCY, it would be an additional charge for the 4-night stay.)
  • A one-on-one call with a prophet or a monthly coaching call with a prophetic coach, each time payment is made! (Partner’s choice)
  • A prophetic word on MP3 from the Master Prophet each time payment is made!
  • If one-time payment is made in full, you will receive a private telephone session with the Master Prophet!

Need to Know More?

·         “I find myself among my own company, the Company of Prophets.  I discover who I am when I am in community with the prophets that I know.

·         “I come to Prophecology to get more information about what is on the heart of God.”

·         Prophecology meets my ministerial needs of growth and understanding the heart of God concerning for His people.”

·         “I come to Prophecology with a level of expectancy. I am never disappointed!”

·         “The healing power of God that is evident at Prophecology takes my breath away!”

·         “The Presence of God at Prophecology and being in the company of the prophets empowers me and inspires me to move in my calling as a prophet!”

The Book of the Month Club is based on a monthly, bi-monthly, or weekly giving plan, where payments are automatically deducted from your credit card. Options available for payments are as follows:


·         one-time payment in full or

·         monthly for 5 months or

·         bi-weekly or

·         weekly


All payments MUST be paid in full one month before Prophecology conference.


*Payments cannot be applied to POME Robes or Mastermind Sessions

I look forward to your enrollment in the Book of the Month Club!

Archbishop E. Bernard & Pastor Debra Jordan

Prophecology 2017