As I traveled across the country, I sensed the Holy Spirit calling forth accountability and order in the House of the Lord. I could hear the Word of God echoing I Timothy 3:15 “But if I tarry long,that thou mayest know how thou oughtest to behave thyself in the house of God, which is the church o f the living God, the pillar and ground o f the truth.”

When studying these lessons, you will experience an awareness that a measuring rod is being placed next to your life.Some o f these lessons will show that you are coming u p short, and the Holy Spirit will call for you to make the adjustment. These are the days that the Lord is exposing men that thought they had the heart of David but are now finding in their generation that the heart of Saul is becoming more vivid in their lives each day.

God is calling the”Hagars” that have run to the wilderness to escape the heavy hand of their mistress to come back out of the wilderness in spite of their grief.He is calling Hagar to return to her mistress and submit. When we look at this practical guide, w e will find that submission is not so much of an outward action, but it is an attitude and mindset of the heart.

The heart of God is beating in this hour and drawing men of like spirit together. It is not a time to allow anything to disturb or remove the planting of the Lord. So enter into these lessons prayerfully, as God comes and measures your temple.

Course Curriculum

Module 1: Law of Subjection 2 days
1 Law of Subjection Quiz 00:10:00
Module 2: God and Delegated Authority 2 days
2 God and Delegated Authority Quiz 00:10:00
Module 3: The Planting of the Lord 2 days
3 The Planting of the Lord Quiz 00:10:00
Module 4: The Cup of the Will 2 days
4 The Cup of the Will 00:10:00
Module 5: Redemptive Revelation 2 days
5 Redemptive Revelation 00:10:00
Module 6: Covering and Uncovering Authority 2 days
6 Covering and Uncovering Authority 00:10:00
Module 7: The Law of the House 2 days
7 The Law of the House 00:10:00
Module 8: Relationship in the Body of Christ 2 days
8 Relationship in the Body of Christ 00:10:00
Module 9: A Clear View of Dominion 2 days
9 A Clear View of Dominion 00:10:00
Module 10: The Law of Rest 2 days
10 The Law of Rest 00:10:00
Module 11: Transference of Spirits 2 days
11 Transference of Spirit 00:10:00
Module 12: Servanthood – Key Leadership Quality 2 days
12 Servanthood – Key Leadership Quality 00:10:00
Module 13: Mentoring 2 days
13 Mentoring 00:10:00
Module 14: Catching Another’s Spirit 2 days
14 Catching Another’s Spirit 00:10:00
Module 15: The Double Portion 2 days
15 The Double Portion 00:10:00
Module 16: Discerning Your Measure of Authority 2 days
16 Discerning Your Measure of Authority 00:10:00
Module 17: Snuffing Out the Spirit of Rebellion 2 days
17 Snuffing Out the Spirit of Rebellion 00:10:00
Module 18: The Joseph Company 2 days
18 The Joseph Company 00:10:00

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