Step 5: Aims

Your Experience and Outcomes for Prophecology

Our prophetic conferences are built on the assumption that you are attending to learn more about the prophetic, prophecy and the Prophetic Order of Mar Elijah (P.O.M.E.). As you participate in this respective conference, there are protocols that we must adhere to for the sanctity of everyone involved so that the overall experience is a positive one.

Please take a moment to think carefully about what you hope to accomplish and how we might assist you.

  • What aims do you hope to accomplish during Prophecology?*
    Please state or list your aim(s).
  • What would be a satisfactory outcome of attending Prophecology?*
  • How might your Prophet Concierge help you during Prophecology?
  • What resources might you need help acquiring?
    During the event, your Prophet Concierge will help to connect you with the people or resources you need to support you.

Please contact your Prophet Concierge for any further questions or concerns.*