Our team of prophets, led by Master Prophet Bishop E. Bernard Jordan, has one main objective: To transform lives through the Power of Prophecy.

Prophecology comes from a long tradition of prophets in the prophetic ministry. The specific purpose of this movement is to equip and to empower individuals to grow in their prophetic life. This school was established by Bishop E. Bernard Jordan and ministry leaders to lead believers into a transformed life and to step into the lifestyle of the prophet.

Prophecology guides individuals in unlocking their prophetic gifting and helps them to discover their calling in this ministry. The courses offered at Prophecology follows an ontological approach to teaching; which means students are led to become prophetic leaders, rather than merely gaining knowledge about prophecy. The ontological approach is grounded on growing the prophet in authenticity and integrity. Students become transformational leaders as they lead their ministries into the future God is calling the Body of Christ into.

Prophecology provides value and practical content for people who choose to be victorious, free, and transformed.  What we bring is a new form of living based on biblical truths through an ontological approach.

Master Prophet Bishop E. Bernard Jordan started this endeavor because of his desire to globalize the prophetic word and to train up modern day fishers of men for the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Archbishop E. Bernard Jordan, is the founder and Senior Pastor of Zoe Ministries since 1983. He is known to millions as God’s messenger, the Master Prophet. He has traveled to Swaziland, South Africa, where he delivered the Word of the Lord to the Queen and the Royal Family. He has prophesied in many nations, including Germany, Canada, Korea and the Caribbean, bringing
an astute word of counsel to the leadership and royalty of those countries. In February 1988, he was invited to address a special assembly of ambassadors and diplomats at the United Nations, concerning the oppressive racism in South Africa. He addressed the assembly again in February 1992, and prophesied of the impending liberation of South Africa, which has come to pass.

In 2016, he was elevated to the Office of Archbishop by His Eminence, Archbishop Roy E. Brown, Pilgrim Assemblies International. Pastor, Prophetess Debra Jordan, his beautiful and accomplished wife, stands with Archbishop Jordan in his global vision for ministry, and serves as Chief Financial Officer of Zoe Ministries. They are the proud parents of five children and ten grandchildren.

Bishop Jordan and his team of prophets are inviting you to join Prophecology for a phenomenal experience in spiritual enlightenment. Our mission is for you to awaken the integrity and the authenticity of the prophet within you. Are you ready to elevate yourself and answer the call of God? Choose your true transformation today.

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Prophecology 2023