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Find Your Prophetic Identity

Who Are You?

  • Do you feel in your heart that God has set you apart for a specific purpose?
  • Do you want to know more about your prophetic gift and leadership?
  • Do you want to live in the abundance of God’s blessing and protection?
  • Do you want to answer God’s higher call to lead the prophetic ministry?

Transform Your Life

  • The School of Prophets is a ministry that has been passed on since the Old Testament times.
  • God designed this ministry to equip and to empower individuals to thrive in the prophetic ministry for the purposes of the Lord.
  • The vision of the founder, Bishop E. Bernard Jordan is to take you on the ontological journey of transformation for you to become the prophetic leader God has called you to be.

How does it feel to grow as a leader?

Discover the secrets to a successful personal and professional or ministry life. Step into the abundance of the prophetic mastermind & level up in your prophetic calling.

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