Are you feeling entitled?

Feelings are always placed above facts. The fact is that Esau was supposed to get the blessing, but Jacob’s feeling said something different. You have to feel your blessing into existence. I am feeling my blessing into existence, and you can, too. You have to feel like the one who God intends to get the blessing. On one occasion, in California, Ebony magazine wanted Reverend Ike to get together all of the Rolls Royce’s he had at his disposal through the church. So, he parked all 16 of them in front of a hotel. Sixteen Rolls Royce’s! Can you imagine? A woman crossed the street and asked who all the cars belong to. “Because,” she said, “they can only belong to God.” Reverend Ike said that on another occasion, he had a couple of his Rolls Royce’s parked in front of a store in Beverly Hills. A white gentleman asked who the cars belonged to, and Reverend Ike said, “They belong to my Father.” The man walked across the street and yelled back, “And his son is just spending all of his money!”

Feeling is above facts. You must feel God intended for you to have the blessing for it to come to you. What tricks many of you out of what you’re supposed to come into is that you do not feel it is God intention to give you the blessing. One of the things you have to feel is rich.

Don’t think it, and don’t say it, but feel it. I feel rich. I feel rich.  Your emotions can influence your beliefs. If you’re letting facts dictate your feelings, then you will be limited to the current facts. However, situations change. God has the power to shift things as He pleases. Don’t allow your current circumstances to dictate how you feel because when you do, you’ll remain there.

Instead, let the Word of God shape your emotions. Allow the promises of God to be the deposit you put in your heart. The seeds you sow in your heart must be the truth of Scripture. When you do this, your emotions will change. Your emotions will align with the Word of God. Recall a prophetic promise God has for you today, meditate on this verse. How does this biblical truth make you feel?

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February 1, 2019

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