Can You Enroll Others to New Possibility?


Can You Enroll Others to New Possibility?

Enrollment is a dance of seduction. In this dance, one person leads, while the other person follows. Just like in a dance, one must lead the other person into the next step. The leader determines the tempo, the flow, and the overall success of the dance.


Enrollment is about a transfer of commitment from one person to the other, in effect, creating new possibilities together.


It is about two people or more, coming together as one, to create something new. Similar to that of a dance, the leader needs to be aware of the other person’s movement. The leader needs to know how far the other person can go, in terms of the dance. The leader also needs to make the other person comfortable enough to follow his lead; but not too comfortable that this person will slack off and not give his or her best performance.

An enrollment conversation causes another individual to move into action. It is the starting point. In Genesis 1:2, God moved upon the face of the water. This act enrolled the earth into a greater possibility of movement. The movement happened by way of inspiration.

When God began to speak, we see that every living creature started moving upon the earth. When God said, “Let there be light” (Genesis 1:3), this symbolized the inspiration that was spoken into possibility. If you think about it, the whole account of creation is an account of enrollment.

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