Church Faux Paus Millennials Hate

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Church Faux Paus Millennials Hate

Church Faux Paus Millennials Hate

Every person who speaks or writes for the public will make an occasional faux pas, and sooner or later will write or say something inappropriate.

Dennis Prager

But the wisdom from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, willing to yield, full of mercy and good fruits, without a trace of partiality or hypocrisy.

James 3:17 NRSV

Millennials are known to be far less engaged with church affiliation compared to any generation of today. But, they still do believe in God and tend to hold on to the absolutes of right and wrong and pray as much as they can. Gen Z doesn’t fall too far behind millennials and their spirituality, in other ways they do differ; others, they do not.

Gen Z is proven to be more independent and way more competitive than millennials, while millennials want authenticity, purpose, relationships, and community. Behind these words are the beliefs that they practice and embody. Gen Z shares these values but puts a higher value on individualism and pragmatism.

Millennials see through the fake illusion. They want to discover faith and God in the context of community. The same goes with the Gen Z. Truthfully, both age groups’ emphasis on authenticity and purpose has become so strong that it now affects the future generations and the current value systems of the world.

Both do understand and adapt very well to technology and both age groups are considered to be the future of the church. It is important to understand and know these factors as it could provide knowledge and greater understanding of what millennials or Gen Z find lacking about the church.

A recent study also showed that the 59 percent of millennials who were raised in church and have dropped out. This figure could be sending a message. It’s the church’s responsibility to shape up to meet this generation’s demands. What are those demands?

The reason

Many of the millennials stop going to church nor even show enthusiasm in church altogether… because the church was reported to not be “single friendly.”

We should now begin to understand why many of the millennials stop going to church nor even show enthusiasm in church altogether. It is not because the church doesn’t have contemporary worship. Millennials want to be around fellow millennials, or millennials just simply uninterested in church, but because the church was reported to not be “single friendly”. Character will determine effectiveness in reaching Millennials far more than competency does.

Millennials or Gen Z finds it hard to fit in church because they feel one-sided because some are not even in college yet or have a physical family unit on their own. They do understand that as individuals, they do have to reach out. It is hard to do so if they do not feel connected to the existing community itself. In short, these millennials are longing for a community that understands them or in a way, feel connected.

The challenge for the church is to be able to build connected groups.

The challenge for the church is to be able to build connected groups. Groups are one of the best ways to develop relationships, but with the ever-so-growing of technology, it is easier to connect and feel disconnected. People need to spend time in person, face-to-face. This is particularly important to Gen Z because they appreciate and look forward to actual experiences over simulated socialization.

Another reason to look into is that these age groups do want a quality worship service, wherein authenticity isn’t compromised. Often, millennials do not usually point out the worship style rather they focus on theologically rich music, authenticity, and quality. They gravitate to churches where the teaching and preaching are given a high priority.

Millennials want to attend a church service that shows the leaders put time and effort into making it run smoothly. They aren’t looking for a show, they’re looking for dedication and excellence. They are more attracted to churches whose focus is not only on the members of the existing church but on the community and the world. Inwardly focused congregations usually don’t have that many millennials in their churches.

Millennials want to attend a church service that shows the leaders put time and effort into making it run smoothly.




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