Create the World You Live In


Create the World You Live In

Your tongue is deciding the currents of your life. The power of death and life is in the tongue. Do not talk about your inabilities. When you talk about them, what you are doing is magnifying your limitation. Even when asked to do something that you are not trained for, and you know it is the prompting of God, do not give the excuses. Just stand up and let God showcase his capabilities through you. You can always tell a victim in your midst. They are always making excuses for why they cannot do what they are asked of. They use their weakness as a way out.Every time you advertise your weakness, God tells you to shut up. God had to deliver Moses, on the backside of the dessert, from a victim mentality, because he kept wanting to point God to his weakness, which was in his mouth. Moses had a stuttering condition. God was trying to teach him not to focus on the weakness is his mouth, but to focus on the strength in the rod that is in his hand. David pointed to the weakness of Saul’s armor, “This does not fit.” It does not matter. Do not even look at Saul’s armor. Go out there with your slingshot and go find five smooth stones. God always seeks to showcase His capabilities through you. The reason why many people never taste victory is because they allow their weakness to become bigger than the greatness of God. Everything that is sick is not sick. Some people just want attention. Sad to say, some people would rather have the attention than success. Joseph seemingly had nothing, but the Pharaoh needed an interpreter of dreams. Joseph was in prison, where he could not even do any interpretation, so man would have thought. Because of the dreams he interpreted, God set him up for the interpretation of a man’s dream. That one interpretation freed him from prison and gave him the highest political honor and power. His gift was within him.


When you tap the Universal Law of Original Substance, you know that there is no lack in God. You say, “If I lose all of this, I can create another.” Why? I am a co-creator with God. If I built it once, I can build it again, because, whatever I am going through in the present, my future is so large that this looks small. Take it all away from me I will create it again. I always create new realities. Get away from dream-killers. The only time I go in the face of dream-killers is just to showcase God’s capability. Whatever you do, never advertise your weakness. You must make a commitment, a vow to yourself, giving yourself permission to succeed, permission to get ahead, and never to advertise your weakness.


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Pray this achiever’s prayer aloud:

I am a high achiever. I am a winner in the game of life.

I am a co-creator with God. I create new realities. I am the head, not the tail, above only, never beneath. I see myself as God sees me, perfect, whole and complete. From this day forward, I create new realities. I will not advertise the weaknesses that occur in my life, because my tongue sets the currents of my life. Father God in me, I thank you now for this new reality.


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