Usually divine intuition or spirit will ask you to do something that seems contrary to your nature so you can receive your miracle. Reverend Ike often did things that seemed contrary to what the general nature of man would dictate. In order to bring the truth to us that he was able to bring us, he had to be cutting-edge. You cannot get ahead in life unless, like Reverend Ike, you are cutting-edge, and some of you have lost your edge. When you try to fit into the masses, your blade becomes dull. Don’t lose your edge and become like everyone else. Where do dull scissors or dull knives usually go? They are no longer useful, so they go in the bottom of the drawer or in the trash. When you stop being cutting-edge, there’s no more use for you.

You were made to cut steak, but when you lose your edge, the best you can do is spread butter, a derivative of milk. You’ve gone several steps backward from meat to milk. In some restaurants, the butter knife doesn’t even make it to the fine dining table. If the butter knife is there, it is only there for the pre-dinner bread, and they replace it with a steak knife for the main course. Everyone has a course coming unless they fill up on bread and leave the table before it arrives. You have to ask yourself, are you going to be happy with just the warm-up, or has God been fashioning you for the main course?  

Do not lose your cutting-edge by hanging out with people who are grumbling, complaining, and disbelieving in the potential and possibilities God has ordained for you. Your spirit must be sharpened. When you lose your edge, what good will that do for you and for God’s Kingdom? 

Sharpen your mind. Sharpen your spirit. When the main course comes, will you be ready  for it? Will you have the tools to consume it? Maybe God is not sending you the main course, because you need to sharpen your knife. It would be embarrassing to receive the steak when your knife is too dull to cut it up. 

Keep your knives sharp. How are your spiritual disciplines? How is your Bible time? How is your prayer time? How are your tithes and offering? How is your fasting time? These are the things that sharpen your knives, even when at times they get dull. 

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February 1, 2019

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