You go into your secret closet. Do you know what you are entering when you go into your secret closet? You are entering your divine intuition, your subconscious. It is calling you into every man who seeks to clothe you. You will not second-guess your mother.

You will not second-guess your intuition. Intuition knows how to clothe the son. The subconscious is the mother, who is always clothing the son. 

Jesus’ first miracle, in John 2:1-9, was not something he achieved by his own effort. It was coached by divine intuition—his mother Mary. Jesus even argues with his intuition, saying, “Woman…my hour has not yet come” (v.4). His mother looks over at the people and says, “Whatever He says to you, do it” (v. 5). She starts setting the stage for the miracle even though Jesus isn’t consciously ready to perform a miracle, yet. 

The Lord is a spiritual Being. Because we are physical beings, we cannot fully comprehend the Lord. He would communicate with us through something we can handle. Unfortunately, we are so distracted that we miss out on what God is communicating with us. The Spirit of the Lord gives you the divine intuition. Have you ever felt you needed to do something, even if it doesn’t make sense? Did you follow it? If not, did you regret not following your divine intuition? What can you do to access your divine intuition on command? Maybe you need to set some time to meditate, to detach from everything that distracts, and to listen to the voice of God in your deepest mind.  

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February 24, 2019

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