Some of you are so comfortable in your dwarfed position that you have—perhaps

unwittingly—adopted a dwarf mentality. It’s become so much a part of you that you may as well be one of the dwarves dancing around Snow White in her enchanted forest.

Sleepy is the dwarf who is asleep to his divinity and won’t see his potential. Grumpy can’t give praise because he is always complaining—he is dwarfed in his faith. Dopey is a fool who doesn’t have a handle on reality. Bashful doesn’t stand in the boldness of his faith. And so on. And each of them is practicing necromancy, because they are fellowshipping around something dead after Snow White eats the poison apple.


It’s interesting to note that there are seven dwarves, one for every day of the week. Did you know a demon is waiting daily to pygmy your faith?   How are you stunting the growth of your blessings? How are you blocking abundance from coming in? It’s by thinking small and believing God for small things. Maybe you’ve prayed, “Lord, I’m just praying for what I need, I don’t need much.” Pray for more. Pray for more than enough so that when God tells you to sow a seed, you can! Pray for an abundance in blessings so that when God tells you to bless others, you can! Grow your faith, and grow the blessings you access. One of the best ways to start is by growing your prayer and giving.


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December 25, 2018

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