Find Your Queen of Sheba


Find Your Queen of Sheba

Who is the Queen of Sheba in your life, in your business, in your church? They are the first time visitors. They are the people that enter into your life for the first time. They are there because they heard something about you, and they have come to witness to see if what they’ve heard is true.  What they see determines what kind of offering they leave. What you see determines the size of your offering. Why do you think some restaurants charge $75.00 per entrée, while others command a mere $5.00? You can get a hot dog from the cart for even less than that. You pay for atmosphere. Some restaurants have candles; some have brightly light rooms, other dim lights for a romantic feel. Dunkin Donuts has a certain feel when you get your coffee and pastries in the morning.  Most restaurants purchase their raw supplies from the same wholesaler. One restaurant puts their rolls in a basket with a cloth napkin, and another does not put the roll in the basket, but just hands into you with tissue paper. It’s all about presentation. How you package things comes through wisdom.


The way you package yourself, your business, your ministry, your entire life, will determine what kind of seed, the kind of deposit people will make in your life. You have to produce the right feelings in life, to get the right results. Anybody whose rent or mortgage is three or four months behind, it is because they stopped feeling it. If you really felt it, you would pay your rent or mortgage.


You would find a way. If you wind up on the street, you will feel anything. All of a sudden anything looks good. When you are on the street, when you are about to hit the sidewalk, anything feels good. Are you getting this? What you do not respect will disconnect. God rewards those who believe. You are only going to get rewarded if you believe in life. You’ve got to feel it. Create the feeling!


Father God, I thank you for the Word of God, the Word that brings truth, clarity, and accuracy. Father God in me, I thank you for giving me the courage, and the ability, to discern my heart. The things that I want to be blessed with, I must feel, and it must have corresponding action. I make a new decision in my heart to find out where my heart lies. I make a decision tonight, a quality decision, to discover my true identity, my real self. I will not be a fake in life, but I will experience the abundant life. True prosperity will come into my hands. Father God in me, I thank you for revealed knowledge, revelation knowledge, intuition, and divine inspiration.



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Zoe Ministries Magazine

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