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Remove Weeds from Your Garden

Focus on your harvest and remove weeds in your garden. This is a recurring theme in the sower’s narrative. Pride, money, and lust, as indicated in Corinthians, must be eliminated from your system. Pulling weeds from the garden symbolizes this vital discipline.

Remove your undesirable habits from the mix. Everything that impedes your productivity and limits your creativity should not be part of your success blueprint. Deal with the problems in your personal life as well as those in your career.

Ignoring your problems is analogous to removing weeds without destroying the root. You are only getting rid of the weeds momentarily with that method. Fully evaluate the weaknesses in your business tactics and accept responsibility for your failures.

Do Not Dismiss Your Blessings

The fundamental lesson we can learn from the parable of the sower is that if you can hear God’s word, you should obey it. It’s the same as receiving the best advice in the world but choosing to disregard it. Do not close yourself up to the knowledge that God wishes to impart to you.

Don’t Let the Enemy Steal Your Harvest

Following the righteous path isn’t always easy, and being able to produce a decent harvest is an accomplishment. When you have a ready-to-harvest field, you will attract others who want to steal your harvest. At this stage, it is critical that you protect your harvest from anyone who wants to take it from you.

God has rewarded you with a bountiful harvest. It’s also something you’ve worked extremely hard for. As a result, you must defend your crop from anyone who attempts to take it from you.

Shammah, one of King David’s warriors, defended against attackers who sought to pillage their local lentil crop in the Old Testament. Shammah stood in the center of them and his fields, while the other soldier fled in terror of the opposing troops. He was willing to battle for the harvest even if it meant sacrificing his life. Finally, God granted him victory over an overwhelming number of troops.

You, like Shammah, must fight for what you want, even if the odds are stacked against you. A successful harvest indicates that you are making progress and are on the right track. You must also advocate for and place your focus on what you desire in your career or business. Allow nothing or anyone, even yourself, to stand in the way of achievement.

Maintain your momentum if you notice that you are making progress anywhere. Always remember that you are in charge of your own life. You own responsibility for whatever results from your decisions. There will never be a period in your life when you can look back and blame someone else or circumstances for the aspirations or income you were unable to reach.

How do you combat your adversaries? Don’t just sit around and hope for the best; seize the opportunity. Instead of drifting in a comfy zone or procrastinating, put your objectives into action. To reap the benefits of your harvest, you must stick to your plans. Never give up on the things you have worked so hard to achieve.

John Randolph Price stressed the importance of understanding what you desired in life. You must be certain of your harvest. Price wrote in his book, “Whatever degree of awareness you have, power is released to bring immediate benefit into your life.” The more you comprehend and articulate your vision and focus on your goals, the more powerful your ability to fight for them will be.

God will grant you victory if you battle bravely for it. Many successful people in the world began with no idea how to acquire what they want, but they fought for it in every manner they could.

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