On the glorious splendor of Your majesty and on Your wonderful works, I will meditate.

Psalm 145:5

People Notice God’s Rewards

God’s glory upon your life can be seen by those around you. In Genesis 31:1, Jacob overheard Laban’s sons claiming that he had taken everything their father possessed and gained the wealth that belonged to their father. People will notice when God rewards you. God can speak in the language people can understand. They are not attracted to “Christianese.” Instead, God catches their attention when people are living an abundant lifestyle.

People will notice your money, and occasionally they will be envious and react with envy. They felt entitled to their father’s money as Laban’s heirs. They watched their own inheritance dwindling. However, our wealth is not determined by the family we are born into, the job we have, or the state of the economy. It is the Lord’s glory in our lives. God has the authority to bless those He chooses to bless. It’s largely His decision because He owns everything. The Lord promises: “Those who revere him have everything they need” (Psa. 34:9).

Laban’s sons accused Jacob of stealing what was legitimately their father’s and using their father’s money as capital to gain his own wealth without benefiting their father. God kept Jacob from being a target of conflict. He provided Jacob the foresight to depart. Similarly, when God’s glory is present in our lives, He will safeguard us, as well as our “people” and our assets. He will not allow us to be hurt.


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