Jesus was very much aware of how human nature worked when he said, “Let anyone with ears to hear listen” (Mark 4:9 NRSV). Initially, you might think, “obviously, you have ears to hear, then you can listen.” By that statement, Jesus meant that listening is not usually as simple as that. Most of us would actually listen selectively. We have ears, and we can hear, but we do not necessarily listen.

There are so many things we can here in the marketplace, but listening to Christ’s voice is hard to do. To illustrate Jesus’ point, consider a man could be walking through the woods in springtime. This man might not be able to notice the rare birds flying because he is a botanist and he is looking for rare plants. In the same way, a person can read through the New Testament and feel no sense of social hope in the preaching of John the Baptist about the coming of Christ.

Perhaps the believer is not looking for any social movement. When we read the Bible, we see what we have been taught to see in the text, and we drop out sets of facts from our field of vision. Worse, sometimes, we see things in the Bible, which are not really there. But then it all depends on our listening for the message in the Scripture.

Jesus listened for his Father. He realized the life of God in the soul of man and the life of man in the love of God. The source of Christ’s purity, compassion, lack of worry, courage, and passionate idealism was the truth that he knew the Father. He knew the secret to life which was knowledge of the Father. If Christ had this greatest of all possessions—his knowledge of the Father—it was also his highest social duty to share this knowledge and to help others gain what he had. He wanted those who had ears to hear to listen to this message, so they too could gain access to this abundant life.

Jesus taught men to live as children in the presence of God the Father. He made them believe they were not slaves who were cringing before a Slave Master. Instead, he made them think they were adopted children of God. In essence, Jesus freed the captives—from sin and slavery from the evil one.

In addition, Jesus taught the world that the ordinary life of selfishness, hate, anxiety, chafing ambition, and covetousness was no life at all. One must step into a new world of love and solidarity and inward contentment — something only Jesus had access to.


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How does knowing the Father help you be like Jesus to others?

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