Reverend Ike taught that money is a state of mind: a mood, a thought, an attitude, an idea. That’s why you have to cultivate the feeling of money. If it isn’t part of your state of mind, it can’t possibly exist in your life.  Reverend Ike, who had a money state of mind, was a big tither. On the first Sunday of the year, he would tithe for that entire year instead of only tithing from week to week. He said, “In the beginning of the year, I tithe the income I know I’m going to get.” I followed his example and started at the beginning of the year like he did, tithing $50,000 when that was what I expected to earn that year. That way, everything else I gave throughout the year was an offering.


Seeding doesn’t begin until you have already given 10%. Beyond 10%, you’re offering. Anything below that, and you have not yet become a giver.  Reverend Ike taught us that tithing creates conscious awareness and a money source. When you tithe, you also recognize that you are returning the money to the Source. That’s why you bring it into spiritual places, like churches and congregations. Be careful, however, that you don’t sow your money into a church that preaches poverty or lack, or that suggests money is unappealing or bad, in some way. You must give your seed to a healthy, prosperous ministry, and not into something that fears or embodies failure and is only destined to fail.  Notice that in 1 Kings 17, the Prophet Elijah does not visit the widow of Zarephath and say, “Ma’am, I’m the Prophet Elijah, and all the birds that were feeding me have died, and the creek where I was getting my water has run dry. If you don’t give today, I’ll die. Can you help?”  Instead, he approaches the widow of Zarephath and tells her confidently what her seed will sow. He does not fear lack, but anticipates and expects abundance.  Ask the Lord to give you a picture of abundance. Abundance can look very differently to different people. We have a personal God, and He blesses us in a very unique and individualized way. As God gives you this vision, surrender the lack at the foot of Christ’s cross. You know you  are in a state of lack. Stop fighting it. Stop resisting it. Instead, declare that in your weakness, God’s power is made perfect.  Like Elijah, he saw a desperate situation and saw it as a space for miracles to happen. Be like Elijah.

View whatever situation you are in now that you cannot seem to escape from and be glad. Say, “Thank You Lord for this situation!” When you start declaring praise over the lack or the bills or the expenses you have to cover, be expectant that it will be your personal space where your personal God can meet you with a miracle.


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December 9, 2018

Prophecology 2017