More Dangerous than WMDs

Let me tell you what’s more dangerous than the weapons of mass destruction. Are you ready? It’s the unity of black people. I’m not trying to say we should just want to be black. That’s not where I’m at. We have to unite as black people. We can’t unite with other races until we unite with ourselves.

I remember a Jewish man who came to service. He was sitting in the back of the church while we taught black liberation. Someone from a public relations firm that represented us went to the back and asked the Jewish man if he was offended by what I was preaching. He said, “No.

I think it’s great.” She asked, “Why? Don’t you hear the message?” He said, “Yes, and he’s empowering his people.”

Someone else gave The Laws of Thinking to a very prominent gentleman and asked what he thought. He said, “We as white folks have always believed we were gods. It’s just y’all that haven’t gotten it.”

Human beings were created in the image and likeness of the Lord. Nations and races were created to be communities. God intended people to be part of something greater. The enemy has sown seeds of discord among peoples. Instead of focusing on what each nation and race can do to glorify God, they turned toward one another; it’s one great distraction for humanity’s purpose.

You must not allow the lies of Satan to steal the destiny and identity the Lord intended for you to have. Do not reject your nature just because you’ve been told a different truth. Let those who have eyes see, and those who have ears hear. It’s time for a revolution, not in the world — but within yourself. It’s time you reinvent your identity according to the truth of the Gospel.

Do you know what our greatest challenge is? It is not the man looking out through the holes he burned into the sheets with lit cigars. It is our own people who didn’t want to understand they were born with divinity and then own it.

I am no longer going to live like a dwarf. I don’t care what state the economy is in. It’s time for us to break the binding wires, break the psychological chains, and rise up to be who we are. It’s time for us to pull together as a unit. It’s time for us to pull together as a network.

Our prosperity is not dictated by the economic state of the country. Neither is it dependent on our socioeconomic class. You are not just a statistic. You are a child of God. Your claims are not just that of your city or your country. Your claims are in the Kingdom of Heaven.

How come you’re still living like a defeated dwarf? The battle is already won, and you already have the victory. Wake up the giant in you. Become a spiritual giant. It’s your choice to make. God is not going to make that choice for you. He already set the stage, opened every door, and gave every blessing you need to believe and to grow into your divine nature. You are the only one left in the equation.

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January 21, 2019

Prophecology 2017