More is GOOD. More is GOD!


More is GOOD. More is GOD!

One of the main reasons why so many people, believers included, are contrary to the thought of God teaching us to profit is because people view the world through eyes of lack and limitations. Because of this, we are losing our footing and placement in life. This is all about acceptance. When you understand that God teaches you profit, and accept that as truth, then you will no longer view the word gain as a dirty word. Both in the secular and in the church worlds, the word gain has been given an unfair rap.


People tend to look at the word gain, (which for our purposes can be synonymously interchanged with the word profit), as the most filthy word in the world. It’s viewed much like a curse word, as one of the most obscene concepts around. Yet worse, is when people use the idea of gain and apply it to people within the church.  Society has a hard time accepting the whole idea of gain. I can somewhat understand why they feel this

way.  Gain has been viewed and reviewed from the perspective of dirty leaders that defraud innocent people out of their money, as in the case of the Enron scandal.


You may have seen people do practically anything to get ahead in life, and to get ahead in the corporate game.  People have been known to cheat, steal, lie, and even kill to secure their places. While this may seem like the ordinary day to day business of everyone in pursuit of gain, it is not necessarily true of all. There are some people that pursue more in life simply because they know that with more, they can inevitably do more for others, more for the kingdom of God. So then, more is not bad. In fact, more is good. More is God.


But you will never understand this on a very shallow level. You can only understand this concept by delving into ancient mystical truths. One such truth remains, that there is no shortage of anything in the universe. I believe that the main reason why people fight against profit so vehemently is because people have been trained from birth to embrace the lie that there is not more than enough of everything to go around.  Buying into that lie will quite obviously put great fear in the average person, especially the person that has not embraced higher vibrational truths.


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How does knowing there is no shortage in the universe change the way you you’re your needs today?

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