Have you ever observed game commentators during a football game or any other televised game? No matter how passionate they are, at the end of the day, comments from the press box do not produce anything on the field. An observer’s account produces stories about the action, never the action itself. Only athletes on the field are truly engaged in the game. Reporters in the press box and fans in the bleachers have little power to produce anything on the playing field.


The outcome of the game has nothing to do with descriptions and opinions. On the other hand, on any playing field, the future is in the hands of the players and the coaches. They are the ones with the true commitment to the victory. The greatest challenge is to remember that we are sufficient to our commitments and to be willing to step out on the playing field where the true action is occurring.


In life, you and I have the power to produce effectively on our commitments. When we behave like spectators or reporters to our own lives, we can easily blur the distinction between describing acting and generating action. Do not fall into the trap of evaluating the situation, instead of taking action to cause something new. Be on the courts, rather than in the stands of your own life.


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November 10, 2018

Prophecology 2017