The following spiritual truths are inherent to all of us as leaders. By attuning to these principles, our level of enlightenment can develop and increase, resulting to a more effective leader in us. These spiritual truths are real and are non-theoretical. They are accessible to each and every person.


Principle of Intention

Our thought patterns, our words, and our deeds affect eternity for they produce energy fields that dictate how our life pattern unfolds. Whatever is in our mind, whatever we say and do is always the product of our intention or intended purpose. The more these intentions are aligned with our inner being and our life’s purposes, the more fulfilled and satisfied we become.


At the same time, intention is also a powerful vehicle in attracting people. Material resources and other energies are our way in order to transform our intended purposes and make them into a reality. Enlightened leaders know their intentions and that is to prioritize serving others than themselves.

Principle of Attention

How do you choose to spend your 24 hours in a day? Do you make choices as to the amount of time you spend in thinking and doing things? How much time would it take you to focus your attention on a demanding task? For some of us, our attention is, most of the time, spent as we wish like splurging discretionary income.

Enlightened leaders use wisdom in guiding them to decide where to turn their attention. Their aim is to pay attention to the right things for the right reasons. You see, our attention is powerful, as it acts like a magnet that attracts others, and assists us to align our energies. To put it simply, what we focus our attention to shapes what we create, and what we create brings about our reality.

Principle of Unique Gifts

Like a piece of a puzzle, each person is a part of a whole—that is the three-dimensional puzzle called life—and his unique talents and gifts are important to figure out where he fits. Enlightened leaders facilitate the process of assisting other people in figuring out how they can best contribute their gifts and talents to the whole—to help people realize their gifts, and to determine how these gifts can be cultivated and enhanced.

Principle of Gratitude

Enlightened leaders exude a lifestyle of gratefulness. They are grateful to the people around them and to life itself for the many things that life has poured upon their lap. This is not only something contained inside them but is shown even outwardly.


More than a mere feeling, gratitude is a form of energy. It has the power to attract and empower. Gratitude generates gratitude. When we become appreciative of others, they are more likely to appreciate us. Enlightened leaders know that gratitude and a sense of appreciation are things that can generously be  given away but will not diminish on their part.


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November 23, 2018

Prophecology 2017