Principle of Our Unique Life Lessons

Life consists of a series of lessons that unfold in seasons. They enable us to upgrade ourselves every time, making us become our best selves that we can be. In every challenge we face are seeds that are implanted in them which are actually opportunities for self-expression and growth. Enlightened leaders accept these unpleasant shifts in life and confront them with an eagerness to seek every life lesson in that experience.  Understanding and appreciating the lessons of life, we are able to gear ourselves up for the next challenges that life brings. It’s an uphill climb and the only way to take the next step is by valuing important lessons that come our way. Otherwise, ignoring these lessons may escalate to something worse.

Principle of a Holistic Perspective

Parts affect the whole and the whole affects the parts—that is one of the spiritual truths that the universe has. And being a part of the whole, our enlightened minds will tell us that it should be our devotion to shape the world that unfolds. And the way to do that is to nurture and balance our well-being’s complexity for the best us to emerge. Only then can we contribute to the universe in an enlightened manner.

Enlightened leaders understand that what one thinks, says, and does influence the universe in one way or another. Likewise, what affects the universe will take its toll on us. The principle of holistic perspective tells us that for any system to operate in an efficient manner, all its parts must work well and work in harmony with one another. Enlightened leaders ingrain in the group they lead that there is always something larger than them but at the same time, what each part does is important to the progress of its entirety.

Principle of Openness

Openness is something that enlightened leaders appreciate. You see the universe pulsate unlimited information that may be categorized whether consciously or unconsciously. They may be direct or indirect. We receive them through our senses, through our dreams and intuitions, through coincidences and through divine resources. The question is, “do we take advantage of this information?”

Enlightened leaders are open to hearing their inner voices as well as to hear what others say. Received information is then filtered, processed and discerned with wisdom. Wisdom is what guides enlightened leaders to categorize information which one carries the higher or the lesser truth regardless if the truth is unpleasant and painful.

Principle of Trust

Trust—this is the most essential principle for an enlightened leader. Enlightened leaders know that trust is something that starts inwardly. First, we have to trust ourselves, then other people, and finally—the universe and the divine. Trust is living our integrity and paying respect to the integrity of others. It may not always be easy. With wisdom, we can tell who to trust and who not to trust. While we have to trust other people, we also have to avoid trusting the wrong people who may betray our trust.


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November 23, 2018

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