When the children of Israel were in slavery, they were accustomed to eating onions, garlic, and leeks. Where are those foods grown? On the ground. There’s nowhere to reach when what you’re looking for is at your feet. But the land of promise was a land that offered grapes. Where do grapes grow? High on the vine. Everything good must be reached for; everything else is simply making do.



You don’t come into success until you reach for it. That’s why you must reach for the sun: even if you only make it halfway there, you’ll still be among the stars. When you have reached high enough and made your magnet strong enough, you can draw to yourself whatever elements you need. It doesn’t matter that they may be at the ends of the earth: it will be, if you just understand the power of life. Sadly, too many have a pygmy expression.   As sinner, we deserved to spend eternity in hell. But God, rich in mercy, made a way for you to have more than what you deserve. He did not settle. He did not shrug his shoulders and say, “I’ll just create a new world with new people, and start over again.” He did not give up on you. He did the opposite. He sacrificed His only Son. He allowed Jesus to go to the cross for humanity’s sin.


The enemy wants you to have a pygmy expression. Do not settle. You may have been told all your life that you do not deserve anything. You may have been told that you always need to fight in order to survive. But God made a way for you to have an abundant life. Don’t let the enemy cut you down to size. What can you do today for you to set the bar high for your life?


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December 25, 2018

Prophecology 2017