Prosperity and self-confidence 

Self-confidence is a characteristic we see in successful people. A stockbroker conducted research on prosperity laws from various perspectives. The results are incredible. According to his observations, many prosperous people are very active in buying and selling stocks. He read biographies of today’s successful people. With all of his observations in mind, he realized that these people all have one thing in common: they all have self-confidence, innate abilities and talent, and faith in God’s work to help them build themselves up.

According to psychologists’ research, self-confidence is a source of power that can double your strength and increase your ability. Many different courses and self-help books have been published to help us achieve and maintain self-confidence, but many people are unaware that we, as humans, are endowed with it in our spiritual nature.

Old habits

Before they learn how to fear or have inhibiting thoughts, most children’s actions and responses demonstrate that we are endowed with confidence from birth. They are very self-assured in saying and doing whatever they want. Even if a child is brilliant, a child with low self-esteem cannot match the potential successful life of an average child with a high level of self-confidence. Self-confidence can improve how we see ourselves, allowing us to be more courageous and confident in various aspects of life. However, egotism should not be confused with self-assurance. When a person is egotistic, his attitude is focused on his will to accomplish things. He considers himself to be the one in charge. He prefers to handle things his way.

Some people advance to higher positions, while others are not promoted despite receiving better training. Have you ever wondered why this is so? When you look closely, you’ll notice that those who have advanced to higher ranks are those who have a strong belief in themselves. They are the people who believe in their future success.

These people believe they have what it takes and have taken whatever learning and wisdom are required to be guided accordingly. It’s as if they realize they have something special within them and can tap into a source of knowledge and vision. They maintain the poise and assurance that lend credibility.


Self-assurance spreads like wildfire. Remember how Joshua persuaded the Israelites to accept him as their leader after Moses died? He led the Israelites into the Promised Land in three days because of his confidence. It was contagious enough to persuade the Israelites, who had previously been known for their stiffness. No wonder God repeatedly encouraged Joshua to be strong and courageous before leading the Israelites. This is because he required that confidence to succeed.

As a result, no one will be persuaded or waste time listening to someone who lacks self-confidence. Apart from attracting people to believe what he says, his pessimistic force tends to repel rather than attract.

To succeed, you must have faith in your ability to complete whatever task you set out to do. It also necessitates cultivating trust with those associated with you, such as the person in authority over you and those under your control. Self-confidence is the unseen force that propels a person forward until the goal becomes a reality. You will not meet achievements unless one has self-confidence.

Fear, the main enemy of self-confidence, manifests itself in six primary forms: (1) fear of criticism, (2) fear of ill health, (3) fear of poverty, (4) fear of old age, (5) fear of losing someone’s love (or jealousy), and (6) fear of death. We must learn to overcome these fears to develop the necessary level of self-confidence for success to be unavoidable.


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