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South wind prophets prophesy about prosperity and other forms of restoration. Abraham was known as this kind of prophet. In Gen. 20:7, we read, “Now return the man’s wife to him. He is a prophet. So he will pray for you, and you will live.” Abraham was a south wind prophet. South wind prophets experience prosperity themselves. It must be because of the blessings and prosperity they’ve declared and prophesied over other people’s lives that it goes back to them, according to the Word of God, like a boomerang effect. In the book of Genesis, Abraham became one of the richest persons in that area. Abraham is also called the blessing to all nations. Being a blessing is Abraham’s prophetic office.

That’s how powerful his prophetic office was. In fact, this was a special blessing in Genesis 15 that God gave to him. And this blessing was going to last right up to the fourth generation. God said in the fourth generation that when He brings Abraham’s descendants out, He will bless them mightily.

The book of Exodus tells of how the winds came to destroy Egypt with the plagues, to deliver them and to bless them with provisions and the Promised Land. Do you see the order by which the winds came?

Here’s where it gets really interesting. In Job 37:17, we read, “Even your clothes are too hot for you when the land lies quiet under the south wind” (emphasis added). Job’s fortunes were doubly restored. We saw the south wind come and it came to restore.

Bible scholars understand the Song of Solomon as an allegorical picture of the bride of Christ and Jesus Christ himself. In Song 4:16, we see a prophetic picture, “Wake up north wind, wake up south wind.” We don’t read the author calling for the east or the west wind to come. The bible is very consistent when it comes to the winds of God. The verse continued to show how the south wind brings about prosperity:

Blow on my garden.

 Then its sweet smell will spread everywhere.

Let my love come into his garden.

 Let him taste its fine fruits.” (Songs of Solomon 4:16 b-c)

Daniel was also a south wind prophet. These south wind prophets look as if they have an easy and prosperous life. It looks as if they are favored by the Lord. They don’t go around in the wilderness eating locust or being fed by ravens. In Daniel 9, Daniel’s ministry was private, but he made a huge impact in his nation.

You don’t have to be known all over the world. You have to be properly positioned by God, in order to be effective. Daniel is a restorative prophet. He did not need to go to the Israelites and restore them himself. He did not go to the public media and restore them. Instead, he went to God by his position, as a man of God and a prophet of God. He was a man who could discern the times and seasons. Sometimes, it is only by virtue of your position.

Daniel was the only one recorded who knew that the time and season was ripe, because he had a prophetic office. He could discern times and seasons. He had the spirit of wisdom and understanding. And he prayed to God to restore the Israelites. He prayed to God for forgiveness. God heard his cry. God explained to him what the full restoration is like.

Daniel was a right-hand man at the middle Persian Empire. He was also a prophet. Being a person of prayer, he could pray through. If you study bible history, you will realize that the middle Persian Empire was under a dual reign with Cyrus and Darius reigning together. In the book of Ezra, you will see the impact of Daniel’s ministry in the circle he moved in:

It was the first year of the rule of Cyrus. He was

king of Persia. The Lord inspired him to send a

message all through his kingdom. It happened so

that what the Lord had spoken through Jeremiah

would come true. The message was written down.

It said,

“Cyrus, the king of Persia, says,

“‘The Lord is the God of heaven. He has given

me all the kingdoms on earth. He has appointed

me to build a temple for him at Jerusalem in

Judah. (Ezra 1:1-2, emphasis added)

It was Daniel, through his private south wind ministry, that the king experienced this stirring in his heart. Daniel served Darius and Darius respected his servant. Daniel have sown seeds into the heart of the king to have compassion for the Jews. He knew how because of the spirit of wisdom and understanding that was in him. Because of the spirit of wisdom and understanding, you will gather wealth and restoration. King Solomon tells us, “Wise people see danger and go to a safe place. But childish people keep on going and suffer for it” (Prov. 27:12). Thus, in wisdom and in understanding, you will preserve yourself from sin, which gains you spiritual wealth.

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