Stand Up to Receive

God wants you to feel right, feel your blessing, feel the increase, feel the divine nature. Second Peter 1:4 says we are partakers of His divine nature. Feeling is the lord of facts. I must devise the way I feel. You must devise the way you feel. When you pray to the Father, you cannot go to Him with the problem; you must go to God with “I AM the answer.” 

It is this philosophy that makes me appreciate the following poem by Master Gear Salvat:  

I at last have reached my goal

And solved the mystery of my soul.

I am that to which I prayed,

That to which I look for aid.

I am that which I did seek!

I am my own mountain peak!

I upon creation now look

As on a page in my own book.

Now I, the one “the many” make

And substance which from one I take

For all is me, there are not “two”

Creation is myself all through.

All I grant unto myself

I take down from my own shelf.

And give to me the only one

For I’m the Father and the Son.

When I want, I do but see

My wishes coming forth in me.

For I’m the knower and the known,

Ruler, subject and the throne.

The three in one is what I am.

Hell itself is but my dam

Which I did put in my stream

When in a nightmare I did dream

That I was not the only one

Thus by me was pain begun

Which ran its course till I awoke

And found that I with me did joke.

So now that I stand here awake

I, my throne, do wisely take

And rule my kingdom which is me

A master through eternity.

How many of you pray with the feelings of fear, lack, and worry? How come you’re doing that? How come you’re coming to the Lord with those feelings? When you come to God, you come with what you want to feel and you ask God to make these feelings manifest in your reality.

Your doubts, your anxieties, and your frustrations are blocking your breakthroughs from flowing. How come? Your words do not have integrity with your emotions. You are saying one thing, but yet you are feeling another. When your prayers and your emotions are aligned, then it will work. Workability comes from integrity. Unworkability and breakdowns occur when your words do not match your emotions. 

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February 24, 2019

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