Stay True to Your Beliefs

Stay true to your beliefs during good times and bad. No matter what the situation, you must take pride in the things that you believe in. If you are proud of the career that you’ve built, don’t let anyone bring you down about it. If you are happy with the work that you are doing, never allow a bad season to make you feel bad about yourself and what you are doing. Value the excellent work, appreciate what you currently have in your life, and work towards the things you want most. 

Price stressed, “Accordingly, if you feel your life is empty and useless – that your work is insignificant – that the things that are yours to do are meaningless, then you will be pressing out of universal Substance an income directly related to that consciousness: insignificant, trivial, useless and valueless.”  

The season that you live in will mimic what you believe you deserve. If you think that the things you are pursuing in life are not worth your time, then stop doing them. There is never a season where it is okay to wallow in your grief. You must be persistent in attaining the things you want in life. 

In the book, The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity by Catherine Ponder, the author states that to attain the success you want, you must be thoroughly convinced and persistent in reaching your goals. She said, “In like manner, in times of apparent failure or discouragement, if you do not vigorously believe that you can and will succeed, you are likely to curl up forever in the clutches of defeat and failure.”


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