Stewards of the Environment


Stewards of the Environment

This year, we should commit to being more concerned about things other than our personal interests, shouldn’t we?

If the entire earth is God’s, then where do we fit in? Some economic extremities will claim that humanity should be entirely separate from the world’s environmental nature and that the presence of mankind breeds industrialization and ruin upon the world’s natural beauty. This is true. Many corporations and individuals have the ethical mindset that, because the world is beneath them—or “subjected”, biblically—then pillaging the earth of its natural resources is reasonable. Forests may be turned into parking lots, oceans into oil dumps, and deserts into mining fields—such is the progress of humankind. Moreover, this is the attitude of those who assert that creation is somehow at their disposal.

What each of these attitudes fails to acknowledge is that the human race belongs to this world. The vast interconnectedness of the entire universe affects us as much as it affects every other field of life. Depleting a natural resource and failing to replenish it are environmental crimes. Therefore, taking care of our planet and choosing to operate with an environmentally cautious mindset should revolve around the biblical understanding that, although we are part of the world, we are given stewardship over it.

The earth is God’s, and given a piece of land to watch by his master, what servant will neglect and pillage it? Such a servant would be disciplined upon his master’s return; however, if he had simply tended to it as it had need and grew crops for his own needs, his master would certainly be pleased. The same idea applies to our stewardship of the earth and God’s ownership thereof. We are mere stewards, not tyrants of the world. We must act like stewards.

Therefore, Christians must be environmentally cautious regardless of their personal opinions on climate change. God’s creations have been subjected to us, so we are mandated to take care of this world. To mistreat it would defeat the trust He gave us. In addition, we would render ourselves foolish for choosing to act inappropriately with what we have been given.

Being environmentally cautious is not difficult. For corporations, understanding the importance of what we share with the world is necessary: the same Maker, the same earth, the same matter. God made us from the very substance which we now walk upon: “The Lord God formed man from the dust of the earth, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and the man became a living being” (Gen. 2:7 NRSV). Why would we forsake God’s creations when we ourselves are derived from these creations?

For individuals, operating with an environmentally cautious mindset involves an exhortation to grow a few plants such as crops, buy local and organic foods, and recycle when possible. We must love the land God gave us. Failure to do so means that we, want to squander His benevolent gift. Although we are given a higher place among the rest of God’s creations, let us not forget that we belong to earth and we must love it as we love ourselves.

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What are you doing to be a good steward of the environment?

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