The Character Diamond

The Character Diamond is a concept discussed in the book Understanding Your Brand by Philip C. Wrzesinski. According to him, the characteristics that define you and your company make up the three to five facets of the character diamond that represents you. Your natural characteristics and habits are things that pass on to the business culture that you will promote in the workplace, which are the things that others will notice about you. Therefore, to create harmony between your personality, beliefs, and work, you must permit them to operate on a consistent set of values and characteristics. Only then will you be able to achieve the harmony you seek.

Answering the following questions will help you determine which characteristics best fit your character diamond:

  • What are you most passionate about?
  • What is the most fundamental principle that you uphold regarding your company?
  • What are your thoughts regarding the work that you do?
  • How would you characterize how you think of and interact with your customers?

Your responses to the above questions reflect the characteristics you typically function on. Now examine the character diamond you created and evaluate it in light of your work. Where exactly do they collide? What adjustments need to be made to the components to work in harmony with one another finally?

Consistency is key 

Once you’ve devised a plan of action that you’re happy with, you must stick to it. Your brand will only become well-known if it is constantly repeated and visible to the public. If you only practice your brand for one day, it will be a one-day campaign.

Consider classic characters from your favorite TV sitcoms and series. Their brand made a mark in their time, which is why they have become so iconic. Their viewers could gain insight into their television idols’ lives. Writers work hard to keep a character’s actions consistent throughout a series or film. On the other hand, actors are forced to fully commit to the characteristics of the character they are portraying, which is why method acting has become popular among them.

Similarly, it would help if you were consistent with the person you want to become. You must practice your best qualities every day if you want to exude them. For example, suppose you want to be known as someone who cares about the environment. In that case, your choices throughout the day today must be able to affirm your advocacy for environmental practices.

Apply this to perform well at your job consistently. To be the best baker in your village, make great pastries daily. To be the top candidate for a promotion at your company, you must produce high-quality reports at every meeting. The moment you say, “Maybe it’s okay to cheat today,” you’ve betrayed your brand.

Continuously walking an upward path is a sure way to wealth. This means that you should never be complacent and should always strive to improve and be better.




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