One year, we didn’t have enough money to close on a property in Upstate New York, so we sent someone to visit Reverend Ike, who was in the middle of a service when the representative arrived. The representative got the attention of the head usher and told him he was there on behalf of the Master Prophet E. Bernard Jordan, and presented him with a tithe that was well over $30,000. And do you know what? The money for the closing appeared that week. I can’t even tell you where it came from. When I sent that seed, as soon as it was out of my hands, it was out of my mind. I knew that if I stayed attached to the seed, it wouldn’t bring a return. I  had to let it go freely and with no expectations, because anything else is insincere. You cannot give in order to receive; if you do that, you may as well keep your seed. You give to give, and let the giving be enough. Only then will you see returns.


Humanity is responsible for directing the evolution of money from the sacred to the profane. You as an individual must change the way you think and feel about money before you can hope to bring change to others. The only one who can bring you more money is you, and the only one who can stop you from having money is you. The less money you have, the less of a blessing you will have the power to be to others.


The Lord blesses those He knows can handle the blessing. A person who cannot let go of his cash — his limited, man-made, government printed cash — has a limited mindset. On the other hand, a generous person who gives freely, as if the money he gives away is unlimited, is honored by the Lord. This generous person gets it. It’s not his to keep. It’s not his to withhold from anyone else. It’s his to multiply, as the Lord commands. And how else can you multiply wealth, it’s only by giving it away. It’s by becoming a blessing. It’s by becoming a channel, rather than being a bucket-full of blessings. The channel flows and is by definition, limitless and abundant. The bucket has a limit to be filled. Once it is full, it cannot receive anymore.


Thank You, Lord, for my life. Thank You, Lord, for your goodness in my life. Thank  You, Lord. I will yet give You praise, Lord.  Thank You.


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December 9, 2018

Prophecology 2017