After these things the word of the LORD

came unto Abram in a vision, saying, Fear not,

Abram: I am thy shield, and thy exceeding

great reward.

Genesis 15:1

Here are some ground rules. Rule # 1. Don’t go into business if you believe there is lack. Rule # 2. Don’t transact business with any person on earth if you believe there is lack, for the person with whom you transact business will surely rip you off. I know that may sound a bit silly, but just think about it for a minute.  As long as you are alive you will have to deal with people. You will need to make daily exchanges.  But you have to know within yourself that there is always enough to go around. There is more than enough.


No one is kept in poverty by a shortness of supply. Of riches there is more than enough. The shortness of supply has been in the shortness of your own mind. Poverty only comes into your life, because your mind has come up short. Because you have a short mind, that is why you are poor. Once your mind expands, your substance must expand. There is and neither will there ever be a shortage of supply on the earth. There may be misappropriation or manipulation of supplies, but never shortage.Two words that will always travel together in life are shortage and fear. The whole situation with the big Y2K scare was all about shortage and fear. Every government in the world where the people suffer lack is on some level about fear and shortage. Cruel government instills fear in the people, and as a result their minds buy into the fear, resulting in the illusion of shortage. Fear makes you believe irrational things. Some people thought God did not know how to count beyond 1999. A shortage mentality is a poverty mentality.



No one is kept in poverty by a shortage in the supply of riches. As a matter of fact, the shortage is what can create your abundance, because once a demand is placed upon a thing, the value of that thing increases. The shortage can determine my supply. In the realm of matter, wealth is made by supply and demand, but in the realm of the spirit, there is no supply and demand. Why? In the spirit realm, there is only supply. My God meets your need according to His riches.  Where are the riches? In glory! In the kingdom of God, there is no shortage.

Only in the realm of matter, on the material plain, does the idea of supply and demand exists. In the kingdom of God, all you have to do is command ye me the works of my hand, and the works of His hand starts manifesting for you the thing that you desire. Everything you see on earth is made from one original substance. Out of that one original substance is the way all things evolve. All things started to manifest just from one original thought. So then, there is no limit. There is no such thing.


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What needs are you praying for God to meet? Declare them met according to the spiritual realm’s supply.

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