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As believers who are called to the prophetic ministry—this includes you, because otherwise, you won’t be reading this far into this book—we have a basic idea of why the Bible is important to us. As believers, in general, the Bible is our strongest link to God’s voice. It connects us with the Father’s will.
There is a need to go deeper into the Word of God and recognize the importance of prophecy in the Bible. God has a perfect plan for the world and the human race. Can human beings know of this plan? Since God wants a relationship with us, we are made aware of these plans through the revelation of the bible writers. This perfect plan can be seen in the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation. Man can know God’s plan clearly only if he will come to the Bible, submit his mind and heart to the ministry of the Holy Spirit.

Imagine the world it would be like if everyone referred to the Bible as their standard—not just in parts and pieces—but as a whole. People cannot look at the Bible like a cafeteria where they can pick out food they are willing to eat, while reject those they that do not appeal to them. While in the Old Testament, people had weird practices (according to 21st century standards), it must not be taken out of context. Are we called to sacrifice animals to atone for our sins? Animal rights advocates would crucify anyone who would do this. Fortunately, the Bible is complete—it has a New Testament that says Jesus Christ already died for us as the ultimate and final atonement of all our sins.

If everyone referred to the Bible, if political leaders, business people, students, and whoever consulted carefully the Scriptures, especially prophetic books, then the world would be a different place than what we know it. There are blind fanatics and unwise date-setters posing as prophetic leaders, but as I’ve said, the Bible must be taken for its whole and complete message. Taken out of context, and people will find themselves confused or in trouble.

Be a part of this group: Experience the Power of Prophecy as a gift to open your mind to receive the Mind of Christ.

When was the last time you consulted the Bible as a standard for everyday living and decision-making?

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