Reverend Ike also coined the term, “Thinkonomics.” When asked what it meant, he said each person has to engineer his own success, and “Thinkonomics” is the science of doing just that. He explained that you can’t accident your way to riches—it has to be engineered. I am engineering my own success. Success is a technology.

It takes technique to get what you want. You’re either moving in acceptance or you’re moving in rejection. This is a risky message to communicate, because people don’t like to take responsibility for what they don’t have, but it is absolutely true: The Father sees by feeling. If you don’t have a money-acceptance complex, you have a money-rejection complex. At some point, you have to wake up your success. Feelings are crucial. 

Begin with an end in mind. What success has God revealed to you? You must access this big vision. Don’t settle for a mediocre future. You are to access what the God of the Universe prepared in advance for you to have. Think about every detail of it. Ask God to

reveal to you the lavishness of His love through this vision. As you do this, begin to feel grateful, even right now.

As you grow in gratitude for this vision and you feel expectant that this blessing is coming, it’s right around the corner, your circumstances will begin to align with what you are feeling.   

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February 1, 2019


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