Up until the account of the Tower of Babel, the whole world had one language, one common speech that all people understood (Genesis 11:1-9). There was no French, English, Japanese, or what have you. There was one language that every single person on earth understood. It united the world. It allowed the people of the world to move as one.

This common language was a picture of how a Group Word can move a group of people into doing anything they intend to accomplish.


The people of the earth were skilled in construction and decided to build a city with a tower that would reach heaven. The intention for this tower was not for God’s glory; rather, it was built to make a name for themselves. They were seeking for power and image.

God saw their hearts. He knew that this tower would lead people away from God. Unity is a powerful force. But if used for evil, God knew that the people would self-destruct. God confused the language of the people, causing them to speak different languages so that they would not understand each other. God thwarted their plans. He also scattered the people of the city all over the face of the earth.


Looking at this account, we can see the power of the group resides in a common language. Who we are is language. Thus, we can see our identities as a group through language. However, despite the common language, the account of the Tower of Babel does not project the essence of a Group Word because of the selfish purposes the people had.


The people during that time did have a common intent. They intended to make a name for themselves. They had agreed on the process by which they were to do this; by building a tower that reached the heavens. However, they failed to listen to what life called them and others to do. We are called to not only make a name for ourselves. We are called to make a difference in this world. We are called to transform the world. This goes beyond image and popularity.


They failed to co-sense. They did not listen with their minds and hearts. They were simply after fame. Scharmer (2007) said, “the limiting factor of transformational change is not a lack of vision or ideas, but an inability to sense — that is, to see deeply, sharply, and collectively” (p.6). If you think about it, the goal for building the tower was very superficial. It lacked a deeper sense of meaning.


The people failed to do “presencing” wherein they will connect to the source of inspiration and common will. If they did not connect to God, they would have used their common language for something more than intending to make a name for themselves. The group in this account could not let go of selfish desires for power.

Connecting to the source of inspiration and common will means they will open themselves up to new aspects of their highest future selves. What does this look like? They need to “let come” a sense of responsibility and integrity. Presencing is about letting go of the old and letting come of the new. In this account, we see no transformation taking place within the group as well.




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What are you failing to do as a Group?

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