Understanding the Lack of Integrity


Understanding the Lack of Integrity

When we speak about the experience of integrity,  we are referring to the experience of completeness. Integrity comes from the Latin word integer, which means whole. Integrity creates a space wherein all things are possible. Integrity inspires trust, respect, freedom, joy, and peace of mind. A person of integrity upholds honesty, accountability, and commitment at all costs.

Violating the law of integrity, that is, not honoring your word to yourself and to others causes you to experience self-disintegration. Self-disintegration limits what you can be. Thus, this is why the lack of integrity keeps you from being enrolled. Each out-of-integrity act also reduces your ability to realize what ‘it is possible for you to be’ in that now-shrunken opportunity set.

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Do this experiment:

  • Get 2 toy trucks or toy cars.
  • Take the 1 wheel of one of the toy trucks or cars.
  • How did the two toys differ from each other in the way they functioned?