Unspoken Conversations


Unspoken Conversations

The power unspoken conversations over our lives. These unspoken conversations occur in the background. These unspoken conversations are so pervasive that you might not notice that they exist, much like the little voice. But sometimes this conversation goes beyond the self.

Unspoken conversations emerge when you behave in such a way that is contrary to the assumptions that are built into the unspoken conversation for what you are doing. We have learned that this conversation is usually with the little voice. In the newspaper industry, this conversation may be “no one goes home until the issue is put to bed.” Reporters and editors are not asked to work overtime during such days, it is already expected. Unspoken conversations reveal the culture of the group or the individual.

The unspoken conversation can refer to the unwritten rules in a workplace. Indoctrinating a new person into the work group is a process of sharing unspoken conversations. Unspoken conversations, whether or not they are in the context of work or your personal life, maintain the status quo. These unspoken conversations are said to provide the needed stability and reassurance that this group will survive and continue. However, the stabilizing influence of the unspoken conversations, limit the birth of new possibilities.

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What are the unspoken conversations in your life right now?