What Does It Take to Be an Enlightened Leader?

Enlightened leadership is one that is based on wisdom. You may ask, “Where does wisdom come from?” Wisdom comes from within us. This is the spark that gives us the ability to judge correctly and live our lives and lead others towards the best course of action according to our knowledge and understanding. When we talk about enlightened leadership, it’s a leadership that is built through one’s spiritual principles. And because of that kind of foundation, the effect is that it juices out the best in us and of others as well. A leader who is enlightened does not just know the right things to do but he also does things for the right reasons; that is, without any hidden agenda or ulterior motive.


Enlightened leaders have one thing in common—they have the gift of making things better, they improve things. This may not be something that happens in an instant, but it becomes evident over time. When an enlightened leader is at work, his group or the organization that he belongs to, manifest a kind of vibrant, healthy, and positive glow. Consequently, people are naturally drawn to enlightened leaders because they exert a kind of uplifting energy that makes them feel better about themselves. That is what enlightened leaders do for the group they serve.


Though enlightened leaders have a gift of improving things, they are not infallible; they make mistakes just like everybody else. However, the difference they make is that they turn their mistakes into learning experiences, causing them to continually grow as a person, as a leader. Enlightened leaders are less likely to get lost because the wisdom that guides them serves as their internal compass to help them find the path the which promotes the highest good for the majority. This internal compass is actually the expression of their spirituality.


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Who is an enlightened leader you look up to?

November 23, 2018

Prophecology 2017