Your Prophetic Attitude About Wealth


Your Prophetic Attitude About Wealth

If you never saw yourself achieving wealth you probably never will attain it but if you woke up every morning with a great belief that you will grow rich one day there’s a better chance that it will actually happen. If you do not know yourself well enough you will struggle with finding what is it that you really want to do in life, thereby stunting your earning power in that industry, or delaying it at the very least. The good thing is that this happens to everyone. There are points in life where you have to ask yourself “What am I doing?” It is common to question the life you are currently leading and the job you are living with.

This is an important part of growing and learning more about yourself. What you should remember when these gripping moments hit is not to panic. Wherever you are now is a product of where you want to be. For example, if you say you’ve always wanted to be a professional stage actress and yet you find yourself still working as a sales manager for the past five years, then maybe you didn’t want to be an actress badly enough. If it was something that you wanted without a doubt you probably would have made a way to get there by now. Maybe you just never thought you could actually excel in it. The same goes for your money blueprint.

Destiny is eventually molded to accommodate this committed movement. If you want and believe something bad enough, it is a prophecy that will fulfill itself.

When you talk about psychology you talk about the workings of the mind in direct relation to behavior. At times, simple reflection and a journey of meditation can help tune up a tired or confused mind. This exercise is meant to bring you through the ups and downs of your experience with money.

Step 1: Write down the thoughts you associate with money. How does the thought of money make you feel?

Step 2: Think of the most outrageous thing that money has brought you to do. It may be that you bought something at a sale and you realized that you didn’t really want or need the item after all, or maybe you lied to a friend so that you could earn more cash.

Step 3: Contemplate on your past actions and ask yourself how much good it did to you. Was what you got in return worth it?

Step 4: Now think of your main purpose for wanting wealth. Think of the best possible uses of your future wealth. Compare this mindset to the one you had in your experience of being controlled by money.

Step 5: Take the time to meditate and align your mind with good thoughts. Breathe in the good and exhale the bad. Lift your worries up to God and put Him above all your other priorities. Imagine yourself refusing money and setting it aside to make room for your faith.

Step 6: Your focus must now be on the bigger picture. Money will come to you if you do not let it control you. Refuse it if it brings you into a bad situation. Don’t be a slave to it and always remember that you are the master of your life, you can always earn money the right way if you choose to.

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