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Being Christ’s servants brings freedom and fulfillment

Contentment and freedom come when we serve Christ fully. We can’t be greedy if we know that everything we have, had, and will have belongs to our loving Father and has just been given to us. We don’t give away enough of the money we say we worked hard for, but if we know that even the ability to make money comes from God, who are we to be so stingy?

Even though it is one of the main ideas in the Bible, stewardship has never been a big part of the Christian life. Stewardship is talked about a lot in the Bible because it significantly affects every aspect of our lives. As Christ’s servants, we can live a life of freedom and fulfillment if we learn to live by what it says and follow the Bible’s rules.

We are in charge of running God’s business and taking care of his things. And since we are servants, everything we have is His. This goes against the common idea that we give God a part of what we earn and keep the rest for ourselves. The Bible tells us that we are responsible to God for everything. This means that we are accountable for spending all of our hard-earned money, not just the 10 percent we give to God as a tithe.

Contentment and coveting

True wealth comes from being happy with how the Lord meets all of our needs, not how much money we have in the bank. Contentment comes from having a close relationship with God, just like joy. This is something that money can’t give us. It’s knowing and being okay that God is in charge of everything in our lives. He also takes care of His spiritual children when they put their trust in His promise. He taught us to pray for our daily needs, like food, clothes, and a place to sleep.

God is the one who gives us everything we need. His promise is something we can stand on no matter what time of year. Jesus, not money, should be what makes us feel safe. But things go wrong when we mix up what we need and want. This leads to the trap of “if only.”

We say we’ll be happy if we have this or that, and we even try to make it spiritual by thinking that more money will make our ministry stronger and grow. Here’s where wanting comes in. Wanting something makes you unhappy. The book of Hebrews tells us that we should not love money and be happy with what we have. God, our ultimate source, is always with us and will never leave us, so we should be satisfied. Should we insist on getting our wants and not be happy with what we have, our happiness will be dependent on fulfilling our “greed.”

Gratitude matters

We can learn to be happy with what we have by being thankful for what we have. Don’t run after what you don’t have. Instead, be satisfied with what you do have. You don’t have to eat at the most expensive restaurants to get packed. Do you need a castle to keep your head from getting wet?  

Does wearing name-brand clothes keep you warm? Learn how to be happy with what you have, just like Paul did. Our calling is too faithful stewardship. Therefore, God can bless us with wealth or take it away from us at any given time. God does not prevent us from having the desire for material things. Nevertheless, we need to be careful that it doesn’t lead us to lose our gratitude for what we have at present.




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