What do you need to consider when sowing?

Guidelines are important to have in place when sowing seeds. Find good soil to plant your seed in. Finding the best ground is critical because your return is heavily influenced by where your seed is planted.

Sow based on the type of increase you require. If you expect a large harvest, you should sow accordingly. You cannot reap a large harvest if you do not sow generously.

Don’t just concentrate on the seed. Rather than focusing solely on the seed, you should consider what the seed can become.

Expect supernatural increase as a spiritual law. When this is completed, God will confirm it with signs.

4 Important Guidelines

1. Determine the soil quality in which you will plant your seed. Finding the soil that is best suited for growing your crop is very important, as the yield you obtain has a significant bearing on the location at which the seed was planted.

2. Plant seeds in accordance with the type of growth you require. If you anticipate having a large harvest, then you should adjust the amount that you plant accordingly. If you don’t put in much work during the planting phase, you can’t expect to get much out of it later.

3. Don’t confine your attention to the seed by itself. You would be better off concentrating on what the seed has the potential to become rather than simply focusing on the seed itself.

4. Anticipate the manifestation of the spiritual law of increased miracles. As soon as this is finished, God will validate it with signs that come after it.


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