Remedy for Greed

How to avoid greed in a society focused on money is a question some may ask. Money is one of the manifestations of abundance. Aside from money, one might be plentiful in happiness, love, opportunity, and friendship. However, it is well established that when a person is short on money, he is also lacking in other forms of abundance.

Greed is defined by Webster’s Dictionary as an excessive desire to gain or have more wealth or power than one requires or deserves. Quantifying what one needs or deserves might be helpful too. If we look at the individuals who lived hundreds of years ago, we can see that what we presently require is very different from what they had.

What is greed?

Let us concentrate on the first component: greed is defined as an overpowering desire to acquire or own something. What is the relationship between selfishness and greed? A sense of scarcity or inadequacy frequently triggers desire. A person who lacks self-worth, for example, is someone who continually needs to compare himself to others by having the same things to feel good about himself. Another example is a lack of self-acceptance. When depressed, a person who lacks self-love likes to buy items to alleviate the feeling of being unwanted. Finally, a lack of money leads a person to feel that there is a finite amount of money in the world, so he will struggle for his portion and strive to keep it when he has it.

How does one get wealthy without becoming greedy? Greed is not about money; instead, it is about why someone desires money. As a result, we cannot escape greed for money by avoiding money because greed is merely a symptom of a more significant problem, not the problem itself. Furthermore, avoiding money would exacerbate the feeling of scarcity and trigger even more greed.

Shift your mindset

We can avoid greed by abandoning the assumption that greedy individuals result from money. Instead, improve your situation by shifting your mindset from one of scarcity to one of abundance. “Isn’t greed about abundance?” you could question. No, it is not. Greed, as previously stated, is about a feeling or a deficiency. When you believe you have enough, there should be no need to seek more wealth or power, and there should be no reason not to share freely with others.

Wealthy AND Spiritual Person?

So, can a wealthy person be spiritual? Yes. Greed arises only when a wealthy individual feels the need to obtain more money to identify himself. A rich person can be “spiritual,” if he allows wealth to pass through him without feeling the need to gain more because he does what he enjoys and looks to God as his ultimate source.

The first step in transforming lack into abundance is to examine and identify the areas of deficiency in our lives, or at least those we believe there is a lack. Examine the areas in which you think you would be happy if you had a little more. Money, love or self-love, respect, self-worth, or kindness can all be examples.

Now that you’ve identified those locations, the next stage assumes that you’ve already received an adequate supply in that area, sufficient to meet the shortfall. This can be exhibited by tithing or being grateful for what you have. Tithing glorifies God, but it also shows that you have been given enough and are prepared to give a portion of it away. If you believe that the people around you are unkind to you, show compassion and appreciate the small acts of kindness that you see every day.

Money can effortlessly flow our way once we’ve learned not to be greedy. Again, having money is not a bad thing. It only becomes a problem when we allow money or our possessions or what we do not have to define us. Remember to shift your mindset to avoid greed across various areas of your life.




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