Money scarcity is the opposite of an abundance of money. In extreme cases, excess availability of money leads to hyperinflation. This happens when there is a significant rise in the money supply without economic growth. This occurs when a government decides to print more money and inject it into the economy to cover budget deficits. As a result, the value of their currency depreciates, and prices go up. People hoard goods because they have money. As the demand for goods rises, their prices increase, creating a serious economic mess. The value of a nation’s currency then diminishes in foreign markets. 

A great example of the effect of hyperinflation happened in Zimbabwe. As the government printed money to pay its debts, prices began to soar until stores everywhere emptied, and everyone became hungry. Water supplies ran dry and electricity was cut out. No one could get any fuel. This tragedy destroyed the Zimbabwean way of life; ordinary people became destitute, and millions fled. The nation was on the brink of an economic collapse because money was moving at a very high rate, and even with more money being printed, there was still not enough money circulating. When money remains scarce, nations experience economic stability.  


The unattainability of money is a common belief among people. Parents teach children about the realities of money, including how hard it is to come by. When children ask for anything, parents try to teach them that they cannot have everything they ask for because money is not readily available. Parents sometimes resort to cliches such as “money doesn’t fall from the sky” or “money doesn’t grow on trees.” Such statements create the idea that money is scarce, even when some commodities remain available in the home. 

The elusiveness of money is a reality as well as an ideology. Some people have innate convictions and beliefs that money is unattainable. Such deep-rooted ideologies are hard to let go of, and it takes a lot of convincing for someone to change their mind. Our core beliefs about ourselves and the world impact our mood, our behaviors, and our physiology.  Also, bad money scripts play a big role in money scarcity. A person who believes that wealth is evil will never accumulate enough money—their financial health will always be wanting as they hold on to this negative script. 


If parents keep telling their children that money is hard to come, they may be discouraged from desiring to be rich. What is your opinion on this? 


Personally, what has failed to prioritize your needs cost you? 


Take action: Go through your budgets (daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly) and rearrange your needs in the order of priority. 


Go through your budgets again and asterisk items you don’t really need. 


You’ve just met Mr. Jack, who believes that getting wealthy is unattainable. How will you convince him otherwise? 


Do you believe you can get to a point where you think you’ve earned enough? 

How rich would you be to be content and relaxed with your money? 





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