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Money status may be one of the primary themes at a high school reunion. After years apart, the former students decide to catch up and remember the old days. The most predominant questions will be about family and career—more so, money. One person should be driving a luxury car, wearing a flashy suit, and portraying their money status amongst his former classmates.  

Society has placed pressure on having a certain measure of wealth—a car or a house. People who do not own such may feel like losers simply because they have not yet reached the step others have reached. Even among those who already own a house and a car, the conversation shifts to where the house is and the type of car they drive. Again, respect depends on the price tag attached to the home and the car. Whoever drives the most expensive car will most probably earn the most respect. 

How would your money status influence your feeling if you hung out with your high school classmates today? Would you be enthusiastic or reluctant? 

Do you think individuals should respect people based on their net worth? How comfortable are you with this mentality? 

In what way are you being affected or influenced by societal pressure? 

Which would you prefer, earning modestly from a job you enjoy or earning robustly from a job you don’t enjoy? 


Money status script ties self-worth to net worth. A person views success in place of how much money they make. The wealthy names carry the most happiness to the money status persona because of their fat bank accounts. This mindset becomes problematic because it affects the psychology of the person and affects their decision-making. For instance, if rejected by a potential spouse, the money status persona may attribute the rejection to their net worth even if other reasons played a role. 

Revisit the feeling: Was there ever a time you bought something that made you feel good and fulfilled? For how long was this feeling? 

In retrospect, would you still have the same feeling if you buy something of similar value? 

Do you think you’re too focused on your net worth, and that might be affecting your self-worth?  If yes, what steps can you take to have healthy self-worth? Write down these steps. 


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