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God’s Splendor on Display

The splendor of God can be seen in the book of Exodus. When we investigate the significance of God’s splendor, we shall arrive at Moses’ request on the mountain of God. “Please show me Your glory,” Moses begged the Lord in Exodus 33:18. The Hebrew word for glory in this context is kw, which is also an inflection of hakkw. It can also refer to something’s weight. It refers to phrases such as magnificence, abundance, and honor. When Moses requested God to show him His glory, he meant God’s abundance as well as God’s splendor and dignity. How did God react?

19 The Lord said, “I will make all my goodness pass in front of you. And I will announce my name, the Lord, in front of you. I will have mercy on whom I have mercy. And I will show love to those I love. (Exodus 33:19)  

God’s Kindness

God referred to Moses’ prayer for God’s glory as “all My kindness.” Tuwb is the Hebrew word for “goodness,” and it literally means “good in the broadest sense.” What exactly does this mean? It signifies that no good is withheld. When Moses requested the Lord to show him His splendor, He replied that goodness would be concealed from him.

“I will proclaim the name of the Lord before you,” the Lord continued. Before an earthly monarch enters the throne room, his name is always revealed by proclamation throughout royal proceedings. The king enters in all his majesty. The monarch’s greatness is shown, and no one in his court will mistake him for anybody else but the king. If this monarch were to walk down the street in plain clothes and without his royal attendants, people might not recognize him as the king. However, God declared His presence in order for Moses not to be misled. In all His majesty, He will pass by Moses. God’s splendor is everything that makes Him God. His grandeur contains all of His qualities, authority, power, and knowledge – the infinite weight of God. When you accept His splendor, nothing is hidden or withheld from you.

Seeing God’s Majesty

Moses requested to see God’s majesty. God revealed His name to him. In other words, if you know the Lord’s name, you have already seen His glory. If you fear God’s name, you already know who He is. God was not fooling around with Moses. God’s names are manifestations of His splendor. Have you ever been blessed simply by saying the Lord’s various names? There is another portion of the passage where God states He will be merciful to those He chooses to be merciful. God’s glory is also His sovereign freedom. God is completely free of the limits imposed by his creations. He is not constrained by your circumstances. He is not constrained by your doubts or past transgressions. In other words, the Lord will bless you if He so chooses. He is not constrained by any scenario you consider impossible.

If you see your debts piling up, God is not concerned. He is free to accomplish whatever He wants with His riches. Exodus 33:18-19 demonstrates God’s self-determination in His honor and glory. God would not be an all-glorious God if He ever lost the sovereignty of His freedom in distributing His mercy. He would no longer be Yahweh, the God of the Bible.

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