First impressions are important when forming new relationships. People form opinions about you within the first few seconds of meeting you, which may shape how they perceive you for the rest of your time together. If you want to make a lot of money and make a name for yourself in your chosen industry, you must be aware that your reputation is something you must protect.

Branding is all about how people receive and perceive you. You’re on the right track if they receive you the way you want. Moreover, if you have a concept that is clear to you but does not appear to make sense to others, you should reconsider how you do branding.

Assume you own a company that produces organic beauty products. You attend an organic product convention and are introduced to an investor interested in distributing your products nationwide. You shake hands and start explaining your idea. In this case, you can see that your product has already done the first part for you – it has piqued the investor’s interest. It is now up to you to complete the transaction. At this point, all you need to do is demonstrate your ability to be a dependable partner.

Some of the world’s wealthiest men have mastered reading people. You may find the investor in the preceding scenario extremely critical of you and your responses to his questions. Relax, take care of your answers, and be yourself. Look the person you’re talking to in the eyes and exude confidence. This assures your prospective business partner that you are capable and that his money is safe with you.


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