Getting Rich is BUSINESS


Getting Rich is BUSINESS

Getting rich is a business. You are either in business or out of business. One of the reasons that I am the prophet to the stars and people in high standing in society is because I understand this business of riches. If I were not rich or did not know how to make a profit in life, although my prophetic word would still be accurate, it would not be as well received as it is.  I have access to speak into people’s lives who are already wealthy and want to maintain their wealth because you can only trust a person who is wealthy to help you to become wealthier. It is bad business to take advice from the poor. The poor has more advice to give than anyone on earth.  There are times when the poor may even have good advice to offer. The problem with the poor is that they don’t listen to their own good advice or the advice of others.  In most cases the poor despises the rich.  And when you despise the rich you will surely remain poor, because you cannot hate the rich yet be one of them. That is a double standard. You must learn to love the rich and to embrace the principles that the rich live by that make them prosperous. Getting rich is really a science.


In the same way that chemistry, biology, and paleontology are all sciences and must be studied in order to properly apprehend, getting rich is too a science that must be studied on some level if you are to ever grasp its message. For now, through away any preconceived notions that you’ve held about the rich, (such as they are greedy, liars, and selfish people) and embrace a newfound thought—the rich must be great, giving, honest, and caring people because that is who I am, and I am rich. Adopting this mindset is the first step that will put you on the road to riches. In the next days, let’s go deeper into the business side of riches.


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Why can’t you ask for money advice from poor people?

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