Grow your Ideas in the Right Place 

The right place to plant your seed will help them to grow successfully. Stephen Colaw made an excellent point about mistaking lovely flora for weeds in his post Cultivating Holiness: Cleaning Out the Weeds. “What I didn’t realize was that even a lovely pricey plant may be a weed if it grows in the incorrect flowerbed,” he explained. It wasn’t a bad plant; it was simply odd.”

What we can conclude from this is that in order to foster the gifts you have been given; you must locate the optimal environment for them to grow. As in the parable of the Sower, the environment in which your blessings are immersed must be conducive to their growth. Create the ideal setting for your ideas to flourish.

Where Must You Plant?

As a wealthy farmer, you must understand where to plant your seeds. The idea of allocating your resources where they will grow should be second nature to every investor or businessman. Any other option would be a waste of hard-earned funds.

Assume you have a brilliant idea to make paper straws instead of plastic straws. Your key selling point is that, unlike most straws, which are made of non-biodegradable plastic, your straws are completely eco-friendly. Your wonderful invention hasn’t seemed to catch on after three months of creating, producing, and selling it.

What might possibly be the issue here? You have a product that you are confident will be a big success, but it isn’t bringing in the money or producing the demand that you expected. You could be selling a great product to the wrong market.


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